A tiny drop in the ocean of life

Thank God for valuable things,
for things unattainable,
for qualities, for higher essences,
that do not respond to my insistent urge to possess.
For if they did, what else could I pitch my life against?
How else could I reach new insights,
realisations, struggle for something good
if nothing would be there to reach for?
Only passing by when the invitation is right
and not on my terms
never on my terms,
because it is what it is.
What may this require from me?
Respect, humility, awareness, knowing what prevents,
patience, silence, surrender,
inner ears, courage, common sense,
not expecting, not expecting, but trying, and again trying
and still not expecting, carefully so.
Do I understand now
what it means to be a tiny drop in the ocean of life?
Well, let’s see – I’ll keep trying in the meantime,
so I may better understand what it is not.